ECCC Shoot Signup
ECCC Photoshoot Signup

Shoot with 5Rabbit Photography!

5Rabbit photography is scheduling shoots for Emerald City Comic Con. Please use the contact form linked below to get in touch and we can work out an exact day and time for your shoot. If you’d like to schedule a quick shoot and don’t mind waiting for the results then I’m offering free sessions.

For those who would like a quicker turn around or a more in-depth shoot, special effects, would like to sell prints of your cosplay, or even time in a studio I’m happy to arrange a paid shoot. Rates depend on what you’re looking for as the amount of time and effort involved can vary wildly.

What does a free shoot involve?

  • 5-15 minutes of shooting at the WA State Convention Center (typically in Freeway Park)
  • Limit: 2 people.
  • 1-3 edited and watermarked photos
  • Previews will be delivered within 2 weeks of the convention (unedited proofs to select from)
  • Final versions will be delivered within 1-2 months
  • For personal use only

What if I give you money?

  • More time!
  • More photos!
  • Faster return! (previews within a week, final versions a week after you select)
  • Composite work!
  • Shoot in a studio!
  • License my work for commercial use!

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